Daily Spinal Health Routine

Message from your Roselands Chiropractor


Spinal discs are filled with a gel-like material that is stiffer in the mornings and less viscous in the evening. This Roselands Chiropractor recommends spinal Range of Motion exercises in the morning to move the disc fluid around, and spinal moulding exerices in the evening to maintain the normal spinal curves.

The video below demonstrates the morning exercises recommended by this Chiropractor.

Below is a short video description of spinal moulding, which preferably done in the afternoon or evening.

As your local Roselands Chiropractors, we suggest you perform these simple exercises every day to help maintain your disc and spine health. Of course, if there is any pain associated with these movements, please phone our office or email us at  info@onestophealthcare.com.au.

 “Movement of the joints of the spine is analogous to a windmill generating electricity… Therefore the more mechanically distorted a person becomes, the less energy there is for healing, metabolism and thinking” Roger Sperry (1981 Nobel Prize Winner)

Yours in Health, Naturally

Dr. Sam Hwaylo

Roselands Chiropractor