Finding the Right Pillow: A Chiropractor’s Perspective

chiroflow pillowFinding The Right Pillow Can Be Tricky

From my years of experience as a Sydney Chiropractor and Physiotherapist, I’ve discovered that finding the right pillow can be frustrating and often involves going through a few ‘wrong’ ones first.

Personally,I’ve tried most of the different types of foams, different heights, densities, shapes and sizes of pillows and tried my best to recommend the right pillow to the right person. I usually get it right and happy patients/customers have been known to take their pillows to sleepovers, hotels and even overseas (I even had some people from overseas ask where they could get a certain pillow from).

What to Look For In a Pillow

1. The first thing we should consider is the height  of the pillow. This depends on a number of factors such as:

– the position you sleep for most of the night (back or side only as there is no correct pillow that i know of for stomach sleepers and you should try to quit sleeping in the face down position if you want to keep your neck working properly)

– the width of your shoulders. You should measure from your neck to the tip of your shoulder and minus 2.5 cm. This is how high your pillow should be.

2. The next thing to consider is the density (firmness) of the pillow. This is usually dependent on the weight and size of your head, relative to your neck. The easiest way to decide what density will work best is to try the firm, soft, extra soft (or whatever densities are available) and decide based on comfort and what you’ve been most comfortable with in the past.

3. The shape of the pillow can also make a big difference in comfort and support. It should support and promote the natural C-shaped curve of the neck while laying on your back, and must support the neck in a perfectly horizontal position while in the sidelying position. Choosing the wrong shaped pillow can lead to neck pain, snoring, bad sleeps plus a host of other problems that can be avoided.

We Can Find the Right Pillow For You

Sometimes a contoured pillow is best, and sometimes the height, density or shape of the contour can be detrimental to the person’s comfort and support levels throughout the night.

Choosing the right neck support can be hard work, but my team and I at One Stop Health Care have got plenty of experience in this area and try to ensure that the pillow we choose for our patients is the right one for them.

chiroflow pillow,

Over the past few years, the one pillow that seems to work the best for most people is the Chiroflow water filled pillow. The Chiroflow is clinically proven to reduce neck pain and disability, and improve quality of sleep in individuals with chronic neck pain. It’s also the most recommended by Chiropractors worldwide.

It’s main benefit of the Chiroflow is the user’s ability to alter the amount of water inside of it to directly affect the height, density and shape until it’s just right. And because of the water base, it’s constantly adjusting to your neck position with each movement that you make.

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Written by Dr Sam Hwaylo

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