How To Reduce Your Own Pain

A Chiropractor’s and Physiotherapist’s Guide to Reducing Your Aches and Pains

What most people don’t realize is that most aches and pains are better managed with a combination of self care and professional care than just with professional care alone.

My clients are always advised about certain things they should do and other things they should avoid. Some of my advice is common sense and some of it seems to elude the masses, leaving only chiropractors, physiotherapists etc in the know.

Without Further ado, below is my list of self care advice depending on your condition.

NOTE: only the most common conditions are noted below but feel free to email me for information about your particular condition.

Chiropractor’s Advice for Headaches

sydney chiropractor and physiotherapist


roselands chiropractor



Roselands Physiotherapist






roselands physio

roselands chiropractor




        Neck Pain




sydney physiotherapist





     Shoulder Pain







Back Pain




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In the next few days you’ll learn about:

– good postural tests to prevent muscle soreness and early onset of arthritis

– spinal moulding exercises to improve your spinal hygiene

– Lower and Upper body stretching videos (10 min to better muscles)

– Abdominal core exercises to reduce back, hip and shoulder pain

Yours in Health,

Dr Sam Hwaylo